Travel Details

Getting to Villefranche-Sur-Mer from Nice Airport

Villefranche is the next village from Nice going east along the coast road (basse corniche) towards Monaco and the Italian border beyond.

We would advise that you take a taxi if you are not hiring a car. We can organize this for you. This also makes it easy to link up with our manager in Villefranche who will show you up to the apartment.

There is also a bus from the airport to the central bus station in Nice from where you can pick up another bus which stops in Villefranche. It is also possible to take a bus to the train station and a train into Villefranche. If you choose this option we stress that you need to make sure that the train stops in Villefranche.

The journey takes 20 to 30 minutes by taxi and costs 55 euros. This is if you book our taxi who will ring us ahead so we can meet you on the street in Villefranche.    If you take a taxi from the airport they may charge more.     Note: Uber also now operates in the area but I haven't found it reliable for airport runs so far (August 2017)... I have mainly used then for getting from A to B but not when I need them to be on time.....


Alternative arrival routes

Most of our guests arrive via Nice airport or by car. Some arrive by train into Nice station from where they can take another train into Villefranche or pick up a taxi.

Genoa airport and Marseille airport are about two and a half hours away in either direction.

Hiring a Car

A car is not essential as the public transport is so good and there is so much to do around and about. However, if you want to visit the hills or venture further afield you may want to consider a car for part of your holiday.

It is easy to pick up a car from Nice airport. However in the height of the season there can be long queues. Consider picking up a car from the train station or at Nice port or in Nice town.


A parking permit can be purchased from the citadel which makes parking reasonable in the village.  Please ask the manage to direct you where to go.

Artistes Tresor - Rue du Poilu

This apartment is in the heart of the old town which is a car free zone so you will need to park either in the car park or free on the citadel or the street and walk to the apartment which should be less than a few minutes.

Les Flots Bleu - Promenade des Marinieres

You would need to find parking in the street outside or in the main car park.

Petit Tresor - Avenue St Esteve

Has it's own private car space.